Sunday, December 5

the impact of korean drama..:)

i have so many homework to finish but i'm yet to get started, help...i dont have the mood to do my homework...i just want to enjoy the precious time at home, to enjoy meddling infront of my computer, decorating my blog and updeting my fb..owh , i have to fight with MAMA, to use this lappy, she wants to use the computer..not to mention my sister..luckly my two brothers are away at the moment..they will be back soon..owh what a mess.;((

i spent the whole day yesterday watching kdrama 'hello miss' neck has gone stiff .. my back hurt so ...yet i kept own watching ..i wish i could sleep for a while but i wanted to finish the story so MAMA got hook on that drama too, she kept watching while i dose off.both of us cried our eyes out.mind you crocodile tears...i fought hard not to sleep, it's almost 7.oo ++ in the morning..and i finally zzz..own mann..5 !! MAMA caused you managed to endure 16 episode drama...but she kept on saying not to ever watch another korean drama after this...

because korean drama make one addicted to watch the episode to the end..

mama said korean drama makes one forgot household chores..she said that now......we will see how long she is able to resist watching another drama.., who knows,hehe

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hello miss.. i give you 4 star..:D:D

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